GRAVICOM ISO 9001 Quality Plan

Mission Statement

GRAVICOM is a company focused on Cyber Security, Cyber-Enhanced Systems Engineering, Lifecycle Software Support Activity (SSA), Compliance, and System Accreditation (Risk Management Framework).  We serve as trusted senior advisors, policy experts, and technical experts to our customers.  We help customers navigate complex requirements with agility and forethought to execute with excellence.  We take ownership of customer problems, offer perspectives, and bring solutions.

Scope of GRAVICOM’s Quality Management System

Gravicom located at 318 Main Street, Suite 505, Evansville, Indiana, provides professional engineering services for federal, state, and local government customers. 

Gravicom’s Quality Management System (QMS) is intended to comply fully with ISO9001:2015. The scope of its QMS is to provide:

1. CYBER SERVICES – Help customers secure their infrastructure

2. ENGINEERING SERVICES – Deliver innovative products and service, design infrastructure

3. RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES – Identify unknown risks, manage infrastructure, and help our customers mitigate/eliminate threats

GRAVICOM Quality Policy

The Quality Management System described hereafter is focused on the enhancement of customer satisfaction through continual improvement of processes and products and demonstrates compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. This Commitment is supported by Gravicom’s Quality Policy:

GRAVICOM will provide superior quality engineering services for our customers, with a focus on excellence as the standard.  A first-time pass rate on all endeavors will be target, with the objective being minimal rework.  GRAVICOM will be distinct among contract service companies for providing the highest quality personnel, and providing the highest quality deliverables and service.  If GRAVICOM identifies a problem, we will bring solutions.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our people, processes and quality management system.  GRAVICOM’s strategic purpose for its quality management system is to turn ‘tribal knowledge’ into systematized business processes that are repeatable and reliable.  

The QMS will formalize processes across the business environment and assure conformity and accountability to the standards set by the management team.


GRAVICOM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company as of 07 January 2021. DQS, Inc. was the accreditation body, and this certification (10018280 QM15) is valid until 06 January 2024, with yearly surveillance audits.

DQS is ANIAB and IAF accredited, and a member of IQNet.