Jamie Bass

GRAVICOM ISO 9001 Quality Plan

Mission Statement GRAVICOM is a company focused on Cyber Security, Cyber-Enhanced Systems Engineering, Lifecycle Software Support Activity (SSA), Compliance, and System Accreditation (Risk Management Framework).  We serve as trusted senior advisors, policy experts, and technical experts to our customers.  We help customers navigate complex requirements with agility and forethought to execute with excellence.  We take …

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DoD Information Assurance

GRAVICOM has over 22 years experience in DoD Information Assurance programs.  GRAVICOM can help your team implement a robust IA program, including: Perform oversight of the development, implementation and evaluation of an organizational information system security policy Perform analysis of network security, based upon the DCID 6/3, DITSCAP, DIACAP, DIARMF, and NISPOM Chapter 8 certification …

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Partnership & Teaming

GRAVICOM is committed to working with great organizations that desire to create a strong team and bring the best capabilities to the table. What core skills and certifications does GRAVICOM offer?  Quite a bit actually! 1 of 1133 CISSP-ISSEPs worldwide (Information Systems Security Engineering) 1 0f 600 Fully Qualified Navy Validators worldwide 1 of 60 …

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GRAVICOM Contract Wins

Navy SeaPort NxG Prime Contract Award:  N00178-18-R-7000 – Awarded 3 December 2018  (Active) 5 Year SubContract – Awarded 17 July 2018   (Active) Tri Star Engineering Prime Contract – N00164-18-F-3007 Maritime Electronic Warfare support services contract 5 Year SubContract – Awarded 2 May 2017    (Active) GDIT Prime Contract – N0016417F3003 NSWC Crane Base IT contract 5 Year SubContract – Awarded …

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Where Do I Start?

The first question that I’m usually asked by clients is “Where do I even start?”.  Good question!  Here are a few points to consider: Do you patch ALL of the machines on your network diligently? Do you have a network firewall in place, and do you run antivirus on every client? Are your machines locked …

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Risk Management

Why Risk Management?  Risk management means that due diligence and due care are being done.  It makes all the difference in the world after an incident has happened because it proves that proactive measures were taken and action was done. We all deal with risk every day.  We evaluate the risk, we determine it’s impact, …

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Documents, Pubs, and Tools

The link below will take you to our DOWNLOADS section, where you can find links to all kinds of policy documents, public law, NIST publications, and other documentation.  We brought it all together in one safe place so you wouldn’t have to search it out….   Enjoy! http://gravicom.us/downloads/docs/

Systems Engineering

What Is Information Systems Security Engineering? The art and science of discovering users’ information protection needs. Designing systems with economy and elegance, so they safely resist the forces to which they will be subjected. Building and testing such systems.   Information Security Systems Engineering Principles Nothing is more inefficient than solving the wrong problem and …

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