About Us

GRAVICOM LLC is a company focused on Cyber Security, Risk Management, and Engineering Services.  We provide products & services for Government and Commercial customers.

GRAVICOM LLC is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the world, one product at a time.  We dig in to find the underlying problems, not just the symptoms we can see.  We offer cutting edge products and services, and are positioning ourselves to build a layered technology profile for both vertical and horizontal integration.  The company has many areas of expertise in several fields, and is able to blend technologies for an intelligent solution.

Our company is dedicated to giving back to the community, including both financial support and educational support.  Our company volunteers its time and resources to local robotics clubs, and helps to guide future engineers and entrepreneurs to better serve mankind.  Our next generation is the future, so it is critical to instill the values and ideals that will keep America great.

Our product lines include military grade innovations and commercial innovations.  As you can see from the SERVICES page, our scope is diverse.  Other inventions include items for construction, manufacturing, aeronautics, energy, transportation, consumer products, and many other industries.  Our goal is to give back to the community and to the world.  Our tools are our innovations.  Our people are our strength.  God is our guide.