Confidential Information Protection – DoD Cyber Security

GRAVICOM is a Navy Qualified Validator (NQV) and USMC Validator company. We offer senior Information Assurance (IA) professionals to build, populate, validate, and maintain Risk Management Framework (RMF) packages.

Software Support Activity (SSA) – 10+ years of corporate experience operating as a Software Support Activity (SSA) for Navy afloat systems.  Change management, process control, documentation, accreditation, logistics, vulnerability management, & more!

Information Security Systems Engineering (ISSE) – Solutions architects for DoD Enterprise systems.  GRAVICOM has significant corporate experience designing and implementing systems based on DoD acquisition and cyber requirements.

Server Administration

Infrastructure Services

  • Base-Wide IT Support Services
  • Senior System Administrators
  • Helpdesk
  • Computer Network Defense (Redseal)
  • Research, Development, Test, & Engineering (RDT&E) support


  • Risk Management Framework (RMF)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • POA&Ms, SAR, SAP, Continuous Monitoring Plan (CMP)

Supply Chain Vulnerability Management

  • Critical Program Information (CPI) analysis
  • Program Protection Plan (PPP) / AT Plan
  • Cyber Security Strategy (CSS)